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With Themecloud, your sites are fast, secure, and backed up every day - hassle free. Relax and get back to business.


Enjoy the speed and reliability of a WordPress hosting platform powered by Google Cloud. Your site is rocket fast from day one.


Your site is protected from cyber attacks thanks to Astra Security new generation firewall. If your site gets hacked, we will fix it for free.


Daily off-site automatic backups. Unlimited manual backups.
Easy and fast one click restore.

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Partnering with Themecloud helps my business grow, and we love them as hosts. Their team always has my company’s back, combining technical know-how with real world business acumen. I cannot recommend Themecloud highly enough.

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Never loose time on WordPress issues again with instant help from friendly WordPress experts.
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Do you want to move to Themecloud but don’t have the time to make it happen?
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Our user-friendly dashboard makes everything easier and faster. Spend more time with your clients... or family!


Your domain connects easily thanks to our automatic search and replace feature.


Secure your site thanks to a free SSL certificate. We take care of setting it up for free!


Our online file editor and command line interface make editing your files a breeze.


Clone any website in seconds and never break a live website again!


Securely collaborate with your team thanks to 1-click invites and single sign on.


Need direct access to your files? We provide SFTP and SSH access in all our plans.

No bullshit, we are serious about speed

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We are so sure about our performances that we will clone your website on our platform and send you a benchmark for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my plan?

Absolutely. Anytime you want to upgrade your plan we can prorate your investment and make the change.

Am I under contract?

Never. None of our customers are under any kind of contracts but you do get a better rate if you pay yearly instead of monthly.

What happens when I leave?

All of your content is fully exportable and can be migrated to any other service whenever you want.