About Themecloud

We are on a mission to make the best open-source technologies accessible to everyone. It’s what drives us. It’s in our DNA.

We’ve been through all the challenges of building a website on all the platforms that exist. WordPress is hands down the best there is. We always wished the benefits could be enjoyed by everyone, no technical skills required.

That’s why we have created the easiest self-hosting platform for WordPress – ever.

We are empowering our customers to benefit from the best technology around, while eliminating the complexity. We’re knocking down the hurdles one at a time to help our customers grow and achieve their objectives.

Welcome to WordPress Made Simple

Our promise

We are here to help you. Success for us is helping you succeed. Simplicity is sacrosanct – and we are no baloney kinda folks.

We innovate and use only the best technology to power your sites. Our next generation technology is the best around, and we are the only ones using it to bring simplicity to the power and greatness of WordPress. Our technology is what allows us to act like your personal website concierge, while charging below-the-market rates.

We believe in making technology ‘oops-proof’ and simple to use. Try it and see for yourself. Think we can make it even more simple? Tell us!

We like freedom, and assume you do too, so you are never locked in. You can install any theme or plugin, access your sites via FTP if needed, and migrate your website anywhere, anytime. We think you’ll love us so much – you’ll never want to leave.


Sure, all that bla bla bla technical stuff is boring, but it is also really important, that’s why we’ve got a top-notch team of computer scientists turned superheroes, who focus on delivering only the best for your sites. They love this stuff! And our customer happiness gurus are no less passionate. They are people who genuinely love to help make life easier for our customers.

Join the team!

We invest in design, engineering, and customer happiness.  We also invest in our people.

WordPress devotees, out-of-the-box thinkers, and people with a strong sense of customer dedication belong at Themecloud.

We are looking for smart, creative, awe-inspiring people to join our team in Paris.

Our employees enjoy the benefit of embarking on an epic journey to achieve our ambitious and worthy mission. Surrounded by people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to get the job done, with zest, and armed with the world-renowned French benefits – our team is unstoppable.


We are working around the clock to invest in the ecosystem of players that support making great technology accessible to all of us. From experts and enthusiasts, to developers, agencies and freelancers – we partner with fellow open-source enthusiasts to accomplish our mission, demystify, and empower you.

They Support Us