We Have The Pleasure of Announcing…

that Themecloud is now available as a Private Beta!

We’ve already had some amazing and positive feedback from our theme developers and we want now to have yours! 

Eager to test out Themecloud?  All it will take is just one quick and simple click below and you will receive your VIP Private Beta invitation.

I want to test out Themecloud and share my feedback…!


5 Great Reasons to Use Private Beta

  1. Browse through the marketplace and find your turnkey site in just a few seconds
  2. Backup and duplicate your websites in just one click
  3. Connect to our FTPs with your Themecloud credentials to access all your Themecloud websites
  4. Associate a personalised domain name to your site for free
  5. Start selling templates within our marketplace

We want you to feel comfortable and at home with the interface and so we’ve developed an easy to follow guided tour.

Alternatively, fire some questions at us, make some suggestions… click onto the chat module on our homepage, we’re delighted to help.


Picture by Orange Umbrella

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