What is StartUp42?

StartUp42 is an accelerator, the rocket and the canon, a boost for technology start-ups. It all begins with a great idea and then StartUp42 is the companion that helps put the pedal to the metal. It assists whilst everything gathers momentum and is the aid and helping hand that finally transforms that idea into becoming a start-up.

How do Themecloud and StartUp42 Unite?

We are honored and take great pleasure in being able to announce that StartUp42 have hand-picked 7 of the most innovative new organisations and are accompanying them during their first four months.  It’s providing us with some rare and exclusive opportunities including access to mentors, future investors and media alike.

It is a unique and exciting event for Themecloud and we are both proud and honored to be a part of this acceleration process, which is why we are sharing it with you. To read more about this amazing opportunity click on the link below and enjoy our news as much as we do.



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